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Creative Show Homes creates an inviting, warm presentation to entice the buyer to want to live in your home! Buyers will spend more time in your home during showings! And, your home will sell quicker!

Our primary goal is to assist you in staging and selling your vacant home faster and for a higher price by transforming it into an attractive "Model Home" atmosphere. It is a proven concept that a furnished and lived- in home will create a warm feeling to potential home buyers during showings. "Resident Managers" keep the home in "show-to-sell" condition while creating an attractive and beautifully furnished environment that is secure and more marketable.

Lower Insurance Costs - Insurance companies often cancel policies on vacant houses! Resident Managers offer security and protection for your investment. Creative Show Homes carries $2 million in liability coverage and additionally requires the Resident Manager to provide content and liability insurance.

Many Costs Eliminated - Resident Managers pay the utilities, yard, and pool maintenance, lawn care, spring and fall cleanup, minor repairs, etc. No more surprise "runaway" costs for damaged pipes, HVAC breakdowns, frozen plumbing, electrical breakdowns, water damage, etc. as common to vacant houses.

Faster Sale - Fact! Most Creative Show Homes environments sell faster because of perceived value and positive showings. It is generally agreed that furnished and occupied homes sell faster than vacant listings.

Always in Show-to-Sell Condition - A potential buyer should never find dishes in the sink, appliances on the counter-top, nor unmade beds. Creative Show Homes perform regular inspections to insure a perfectly maintained home!

Value Remains High - The longer your house sits vacant, the faster it can deteriorate and the more vulnerable it becomes to insect and rodent infestation..and reduced offers.

Vandalism Suppressed - Vandalized properties become hard to sell, and are costly to you because vandalism is generally not covered if the house is vacant. Our Resident Managers provide the needed security and protection for your home.

No Delays in Closing - Our Resident Managers can vacate the property with an eighteen days notice to vacate.

Statistics show that homes that have been professionally staged sell 50% faster and on average for 6-10% more. For an average home, that is $ 20,000 to $ 80,000 for a minimal investment!